The story of Ahura begins in the early seventies, in the small town of Nove, known in the world as "The City of Ceramics". The creative atmosphere and the unique charm of the ceramic tradition have always been part of the life of Ezio and Flavia Zanardello who in 1973 gave life to this small family business.

The name Ahura is inspired by the zoroastrian figure of Ahura Mazda, "the Spirit that creates with thought", a "divine" transposition of the artist's craft; the thought, the idea that materializes in precious objects, made of the most ancient material in the world: the earth.

At the end of the 70s, Ahura began to differentiate itself from standard ceramic production and revolutionized the traditional image of Nove and Bassano ceramics through the reinterpretation of shapes, lines and materials. A modern ceramic, with stylized models, asymmetrical shapes, gold and platinum applied on large surfaces. It began to create modern ceramics, with stylized patterns, gold and platinum applied on large surfaces, as well as asymmetrical shapes.

By the 80’s the company reached levels of quality and originality so high that it became a reference point for the entire sector thanks to its revaluation and combination of classic styles and new artistic expressions.

In the 90’s Ahura acquired the Ronzan brand, a historical and renowned ceramics company from the early 1900’s, whose works are published in the most important antique magazines. The new millennium marked the entry of the second generation of Zanardello’s, the son Luca and the daughter Cinzia. The energy, creativity and drive of the younger generation coupled with the parent’s experience allowed Ahura to grow exponentially.

In 2009 the company moved to a new 5000 square meter factory, effectively tripling the structure. The market is increasingly expanding as well as the desire to experiment with new materials, new techniques and offer the public a more complete set of artistic choices.

This is how ZANARDELLO Ltd., was born, a company that currently owns the Ahura brand. Zanardello is dedicated to developing new products for furniture as well as creating and implementing major lighting projects. This investment in new technologies continuous by placing special attention in the area of ​​research and development which in recent years has led to higher quality, alternative and modern products.